Modi regime bans Muharram procession in Kargil

Kargil, August 18 (KMS): The Modi-led administration in Kargil area of Ladakh region has banned Muharram processions from entering the town area.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the ban on the procession, the District Magistrate of Kargil-Ladakh, in an order said, was part of “preventive measures of Covid19 SOPs”.

“No processions shall be allowed to enter the town from surrounding villages on the day 10th Muharram,” the order read.

The order has been issued at a time when Muslim mourners were assaulted and detained by police on Tuesday in Srinagar which led to clashes in several parts of the city.

Kargil has predominantly Shia Muslim population and the influence of two seminaries – Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) and Anjuma-e-Jamiatul Ulama Isna Ashria (AJUIA) – is dominant in the district.