Karbala is a message of freedom for whole humanity: Ali Raza

Brussels, August 18 (KMS): The Chairman of Kashmir Council Europe (KCEU), Ali Raza Syed has paid rich tributes to Imam Hussain (RA), the grandson of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and his great companions who laid down their lives at the battleground of Karbala

Ali Raza Syed in a statement issued in connection with the Day of Ashura, said Karbala is a message of freedom for whole humanity particularly all the freedom lovers. He said the sacrifices offered by Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) in the Karbala will remain as an example for the all those who believe in freedom.

The KCEU Chairman also condemned the constant curfew and siege of the oppressed people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and brutal actions committed by the Indian forces against these unarmed people for last several decades particularly since 05 August 2019 when special status of IIOJK was revoked by Indian government.

“All the pro-freedom leaders and activists of Kashmir engaged in a peaceful struggle to liberate their land from Indian occupation have profoundly learned the lesson from the message of Karbala. In that battle, Imam Hussain (RA) got victory despite of his few followers and small quantity of arms. Yazeed was defeated despite of thousands of forces and a huge quantity of latest weapons of that time,” Ali Raza Syed said.

Indian authorities cannot suppress the Kashmir freedom movement which has been nourished by the Kashmiri people with their blood and one day, the Kashmiris will achieve freedom the Indian yoke, he said.

The martyrs of Karbala have set an example for us to get united and struggle for the noble cause of Kashmir, he said, adding that Karbala was a battle between the truth and falsehood in which the truth prevailed and falsehood faced defeat.

The KCEU Chairman said Kashmiris’ freedom struggle will continue and Jammu and Kashmir will be free from the Indian occupation soon.

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