Article: Pakistan on mission to expose India

Shafqat Ali

Islamabad, August 16 (KMS)- Pakistan has launched a mission to expose India to counter New Delhi’s propaganda to distort history and discredit Pakistan.

For the last few months, India has unleashed attacks on Pakistan, attempting to discredit Islamabad’s credentials as a peace loving nation. India has also tried to misguide the world about Pakistan’s globally acknowledged role for peace in Afghanistan. It accused Pakistan of infiltration in Kashmir and now Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come up with a new “Partition Horrors Remembrance Day” propaganda as part of a plethora of negative policies’ package. What Modi has conventionally ignored is New Delhi’s funding of terrorists in Pakistan, spoiler role in Afghanistan and crushing of minorities back in India.

The “Partition Horrors Remembrance Day” propaganda is designed to shift the blame of all the partition related violence on the Muslims who form majority in Pakistan and are a prominent minority in India.
Pakistan’s foreign ministry sprang into action after India’s intolerable propaganda. The ministry has initiated a campaign to expose India’s negativity at all forums across the region and the world.
Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said India cannot hoodwink the world anymore. The senior diplomat, who is set to assume duties as Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Australia, had over the weekend stated that no modern state was so much in contradiction with itself as the Indian state – the so-called “largest democracy.” “It is shameful that the practitioners of “Hindutva” ideology, and purveyors of hate and violence, would so hypocritically and one-sidedly invoke the tragic events and mass migration that occurred in the wake of Independence in 1947. Distorting history and stoking communalism is the special forte of the RSS-BJP regime. Far from doing anything to heal old wounds, they would go to any extent to sow further dissensions for electoral gains. We are sure that the people of goodwill in India would completely reject this political and publicity stunt that only seeks to divide,” he remarked.

Pakistan also has irrefutable evidence about India’s involvement in the suicide attack on a bus in northern Pakistan last month that killed 10 Chinese labourers and three Pakistanis.
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the explosive – improvised explosive device-laden vehicle – and the driver were managed by India to target the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The vehicle used in the attack had been smuggled into Pakistan from Afghanistan, according to the investigations. The attack took place in the northern Pakistan region of Dasu on July 14, targeting a bus carrying Chinese and Pakistani workers to the site of an under-construction hydroelectric dam, part of the $60 billion CPEC project.

“Afghanistan’s soil was used for this attack, for its planning, its execution and the making of the plans, we see them clearly connected to an NDS (Afghanistan intelligence agency National Directorate of Security) and RAW (Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing) nexus,” FM Qureshi said.
The civil and the military leadership have decided to pay back India in the same coin and let the world decide for itself who is right. The foreign ministry has been given the task to highlight Pakistan’s stance and expose India’s sinister designs.

Defense Analyst Lt. General Raza Mohammed Khan (retd) said India does not deserve to be a member of the United Nations Security Council as it was committing worst genocide in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. “India stands in complete violation of the UN Security Council resolutions in disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir and is not giving the Kashmiris their right to self-determination,” he remarked.

International Relations expert Dr Rasul Bakhsh Rais said in the past, Indian officials were banned because of their human rights violations not only in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir but in other parts of India as well. “It is unfortunate that Pakistan was not given an opportunity to address the council as a neighbouring country with direct stake in peace in Afghanistan. It is so because India has been given presidency of the UNSC for one month. We must not expect fairness from India in the UNSC,” he contended.

Courtesy: The Nation