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Indian opposition slams Modi’s tweets about partition

New Delhi, August 15 (KMS): Opposition in India, while reacting to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s divisive announcement of observing August 14 as “Partition Horrors Remembrance Day”, has said that the Indian PM has started the campaign for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls by stoking communal passions with the statement.

As Pakistan celebrated its 75th day of independence on Saturday, the Indian Prime Minister, Modi took to Twitter to make the controversial announcement. He tweeted, “Millions of our sisters and brothers were displaced and many lost their lives due to mindless hate and violence”. “In memory of the struggles and sacrifices of our people, August 14 will be observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.”

Reacting to Modi’s announcement, Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, in a statement, said the divisive duplicity of Modi stands exposed. He said, when there are no elections, the Prime Minister exhibits his love for Pakistan and congratulates the neighbouring country on March 23, the day Muslim League passed the ‘Partition Resolution’ in 1940, and congratulates it on every August 14, adding, but when elections near, he starts diversionary politics at home.

Surjewala also shared a letter on Twitter written by PM Modi to Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan on March 23 on the occasion of National Day of Pakistan.

Nationalist Congress Party leader, Majeed Memon tweeted, “The PM recalls the horrors of partition when there was violence, hatred and division among people. A true tribute to the sacrifice of our freedom fighters would be to ensure that there is no hatred, disharmony and violence among us in modern India”.

The General Secretary of Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) Sitaram Yechury said, “India refused to become a mirror image or Pakistan. Back then we had rejected the Hindu Rashtra and we rebuild the nation anew. The Prime Minister wants us to relive the horrors of Pakistan to stoke communal passions.”

Communist Party of India (CPI) General Secretary, D. Raja said, the announcement is only for digging at the wounds that the country suffered. Raja said, “Narendra Modi or the RSS have nothing to say on Independence struggle because they were never part of it. When partition happened where was the RSS? It was Mahatma Gandhi who was trying to establish peace but he was killed. By who?”

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