Indian CJ criticises functioning of parliament in strong terms

New Delhi, August 15 (KMS): The Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana criticised the functioning of parliament in strong terms, today, focusing not on disruptions but the cutting of corners when it comes to debates on the laws.

NV Ramana calling the current situation “a sorry state of affairs”, he said there is “No proper debate”in the house.

“(There is) No clarity of laws. We do not know what the purpose of the law is. It is a loss to the public. This is when lawyers and intellectuals are not in the Houses,” he added.

“If we look at our freedom fighters, many of them were also in the legal fraternity. The first members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were filled with lawyers’ community,” Justice Ramana said at an event to mark the Independence Day at the Supreme Court.

“Unfortunate what you see now in the Houses… Debates back then in the Houses were very constructive. I saw the debates over financial bills and very constructive points were made. Laws were discussed and deliberated. One had a clear picture of the legislative part of the law,” he said.

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