Sheikh Abdul Aziz remembered on his martyrdom anniversary

Muzaffarabad, August 11 (KMS): Jammu and Kashmir Young Mens league today held a public gathering at Azadi Chowk in Muzaffarabad in remembrance of prominent Hurriyat leader, Shaikh Abdul Aziz, who was martyred by the Indian troops on this day in 2008 near Uri when he was leading a massive rally towards the Line of Control.

Hundreds of people participated in the programme while many speakers including Zahid Ashraf, Vice-Chairman JKYML, and Shaikh Yaqoob, the youngest brother of the martyred leader addressed the gathering paying glowing tributes to Shaheed-e-Azeemat.

Zahid Ashraf in his speech highlighted various aspects of multi- dimensional personality of Sheikh Aziz and his monumental role in the Kashmiris’ ongoing resistance movement. He said that the legend had devoted his entire life to the great cause and pursued it with an exemplary zeal and doggedness till his last breath. He said that Sheikh Aziz was humility, nobility, tolerance, steadfastness and selflessness personified; he firmly believed in unity and always showed willingness to make any sacrifice for achieving the same.

Zahid Ashraf further said that the martyred leader was a true son of the soul and an indomitable lion heart who would continue to serve as a source of inspiration for the Kashmiris, especially the younger generation, and would always be venerated by the Kashmiris for his relentless struggle, valour and supreme sacrifice.

Sheikh Mohammed Yaqoob while lauding the huge sacrifices and services of the famed leader said that though he might have lost his loving and caring elder brother, his guide and his mentor, the fact that was a source of pride and solace for him and his family was that Sheikh Abdul Aziz who fought for the freedom of his oppressed people, reaped love and recognition from the entire nation and by taking Indian bullets on his chest gave them reason to hold their heads high in pride.

He further said that Sheikh Aziz never gave a damn about the consequences of his defiance and rebellion against the occupier and had resolved to carry it on against all odds whatever, he never looked backwards and fearlessly led his followers and his people towards the cherished goal.

The speakers called the martyred leader their hero and vowed to take his mission to its logical end, against all odds.

The gathering prayed for the soul of Sheikh Aziz and for acceptance of his ultimate sacrifice by Allah and vowed to avenge every drop of his sacred blood and by the Grace of Allah, to break the chains of Indian slavery for good.

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