Inmates of drug rehab raped for months in Uttarakhand, India

Dehradun, August 10 (KMS): Inmates of a private de-addiction centre were raped for months by its manager in India’s disturbed state Uttarakhand.

Vidyadutt Raturi, the manager of the rehab, raped the inmates after drugging them in collusion with the director in Dehradun.

The director and the manager of the facility were arrested, an Indian police official told media men

The matter came to light when four women inmates of the drug rehab locked the director, Vibha Singh, in her chamber and recounted their ordeal to the police, an official said.

Inmates who objected were beaten up with sticks or made to sit on sharp edged stools or broken bricks for hours as a punishment, the official said.

Vidyadutt Raturi was arrested from a hotel on Rishikesh road, Clement Town police station SHO D S Rautela said.

Three women inmates have complained of sexual assault while one has charged the manager with rape. Both Singh and Raturi had worked at other de-addiction centres in the past. “We are looking into their antecedents to see if they have a criminal record,” he said.