Yogi Adityanath orders BJP’s IT cell to control social media

Lucknow, August 07 (KMS): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, has termed social media at present like a “belagaam ghora [unbridled horse]”, and urged the workers and office-bearers of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s IT and Social Media cell in Lucknow to “train and prepare” to rein it in.

Adityanath warned the party workers that they could fall prey to media trials if they were not careful. He claimed an analysis had shown that for a local incident in Uttar Pradesh the social media trial began in other countries, started by those with no links to the state. Referring to the Pegasus spyware controversy, Adityanath urged the IT Cell workers to counter it immediately without waiting for a “mahurat [auspicious time]”.

Talking about the changing nature of the media landscape in India, Adityanath said that while the once-powerful print and television media had owners and editors, social media had no such “mai baap [someone at the helm]”. “Print and visual media had those at the helm who could maintain control. However, no one has control over social media. If you do not remain alert, and are not prepared, then you will become the topic of media trial,” he said.

Adityanath added, “Isliye is belagaam ghore ko niyantrit karne ke liye humare paas uss prakar ka prashikshan aur uss prakar ki tayyari bahut awashyak hai [That is why it is important to train and prepare to control this unbridled horse].”

Touching upon the importance of social media, Adityanath called on people to use social media in an effective way to positively influence lives.

Claiming that a “peaceful” solution had been found for the Ayodhya Ram temple issue, the UP chief minister wondered if it would have been possible to resolve the dispute had the BJP not been in power at the Centre and the state.

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