Realities can’t be changed by military might, Shabbir Shah to India

New Delhi, August 04 (KMS): Senior APHC leader and Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party, Shabbir Ahmad Shah, has said that historical facts cannot be denied through the use of force military might adding that the people of Jammu and Kashmir never accepted India’s illegal occupation and are fighting for freedom for the past seven decades.

In a message from New Delhi’s Tihar Jail, Shabbir Ahmad Shah reacted strongly to the arrests of Kashmiri youth and elders, saying that the Indian occupational authorities had declared a war on the Kashmiri people. He strongly condemned the ongoing Indian state terrorism in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, asking the Indian rulers and their henchmen to shun their misconception that Kashmiris’ spirit of freedom could be weakened through massacres, oppression and arrests.

Shabbir Ahmad Shah appealed to the Kashmiri people, especially the youth, to continue the freedom movement with perseverance. He saluted the determination of the Kashmiris and said that it was natural for them to continue to sacrifice for the attainment of great goals. He reminded that all the nations of the world have made a history of great sacrifices for liberation from the usurping powers.

The APHC leader said that the Kashmiri people have been fighting for their inalienable right, the right to self-determination and have sacrificed hundreds of thousands lives in the process. He said that some Mir Jafars would try to disappoint us but we have to keep in mind the principle that only through sacrifices we can achieve our goal of freedom. He lamented that the extreme of our slavery is that Kashmiris are not allowed to offer Friday and Eid prayers and they are not even allowed to express condolences to Kashmiris affected by Indian state terrorism.

He appealed to to Indian intellectuals to question the militant thinking of their rulers as to why they are acquiring expensive weapons and fanning flames of war instead of eradicating poverty, hunger and disease. “Why massive human rights violations continue in Jammu and Kashmir,” he asked.

The APHC leader told the Indian people and intellectuals that with the resolution of the Kashmir issue, the economic condition of the people of India would improve.