Death over slavery is Kashmiris’ message to India


Islamabad, August 04 (KMS): Kashmiri martyrs are the real asset of the Kashmir freedom movement and Kashmiris will not allow the blood of their martyrs go waste.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, said there is no sacrifice bigger than sacrificing life for the freedom of one’s motherland. “Death over slavery is the message of the Kashmiri martyrs for India. Kashmiri martyrs are writing the future of their land with their blood,” it said.

The report noted that the Kashmiri people highly regard the sacrifices of their martyrs and their resolve to get freedom from Indian slavery gets even stronger after every martyrdom.

The KMS report maintained that the Kashmiris are determined to carry the martyrs’ mission to its logical conclusion and their defiance against India will remain a golden page in Kashmir’s history. It said, “Kashmiris continue to valiantly fight and defy Modi-led Hindutva regime. India can kill Kashmiri youth but it can’t subjugate their spirit of freedom and day is not far off when Kashmiri martyrs’ sacrifices will bear fruit, it added.