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Cloudbursts in Kargil indicative of climate change threat

Srinagar, August 03 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, many areas in Kargil were hit by cloudbursts indicating the lurking danger of climate change particularly in Ladakh region of the territory.

The areas including Khawos, Sangrah, Khangral, Tsaraks, Barsoo and cold desert exposed the region’s vulnerability to recurring cloudbursts and flooding caused by rapid climate changes and receding glaciers.

Experts believe the global warming and receding glaciers are major reasons for recurring. Now the annually disasters in the region are leaving a trail of damaged houses, ravaged fields, uprooted orchards and abruptly ended lives.

“Ladakh has become more prone to cloudbursts due to unusual climate change. It is turning hotter due to global warming. The snow cover of glaciers is receding. This has contributed to Ladakh’s vulnerability to flooding and cloudbursts.”

Unprecedented flash floods and cloudbursts in Tasey thang Khawas in Suru valley and several areas of Kargil district, triggering flash floods, which resulted in damages to agricultural fields, besides inundating residential houses and a hydroelectric power project.

At Tasey thang Khawas, 10 residential houses were washed away and 14 houses got completely damaged in a cloudburst followed by torrential rains and flash floods that devastated the area, killed many live stocks, caused damages to standing crops, agriculture field, property.

Similar cloudburst incidents occurred in hilly Kishtwar district, which caused 7 death and over a dozen people are still missing.

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