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India: Over 7800 cases filed in HCs since 2019 on violation of fundamental rights

Delhi, August 02 (KMS): Over 7,800 Public Interest Litigations (PILs) regarding the violation of fundamental rights have been filed in various High Courts across the country since 2019, according to government data.
While some High Courts have not maintained a separate record of such PILs, data of some other HCs was available without a year-wise breakup.
According to South Asian Wire, the data was shared by the government in Rajya Sabha as part of a written response to a question on the details of PILs filed particularly regarding the violation of fundamental rights in the Supreme Court and various high courts during the last two years and the current year.
Between 2019 and July of this year, 7,832 PILs were filed regarding the violation of fundamental rights across high courts.
On the number of such PILs in the Supreme Court, the answer stated the “information is not maintained in the manner as sought for”.

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