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IIOJK in focus

Attack on Muslim Identity: Even Train names changed

Ala Hazrat Express Train Coaches Refurbished To LHB

New Delhi, August 02 (KMS):  Muslims identity in India have been increasingly at risk. Even the name of the trains in India have been changed . The coaches of the Ala Hazrat Express train have been remodelled and refurbished under Utkrist Project at Northern Railways’ primary yard in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly, said an official on Friday. The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) coaches of the train have been converted into Link Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches. The new coaches of rakes have better aesthetics, improved riding index and upgraded interiors. The new coaches are more energy-efficient and have more comfortable seats. The work for this was undergoing amidst Covid-induced lockdown and restrictions.

According to South Asian Wire, The Ala Hazrat Express train runs under Moradabad Division of Northern Railway, informed Northern Railways General Manager Ashutosh Gangal.

“There are a total of 23 coaches in three rakes of this train. Each coach of the train has AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, Sleeper, General and Luggage Brake cum Generator Car configuration,” he added.

The rakes have been re-inducted into service with the train 14311/12/21/22 Ala Hazrat Express train between UP’s Bareilly and Gujarat’s Bhuj.

Under the project Utkrisht, the Indian Railways is continuously replacing its traditional ICF coaches with modern Link Hoffman Busch (LHB) coaches. Now, the production units of Indian Railways are now producing LHB coaches only. They have stopped manufacturing ICF design coaches. Under the project, 640 Utkrisht rakes are being developed by the India Railways as part of the up-gradation of its mail/express trains at a cost of Rs 400 crore. In this, LHB coaches are replacing ICF coaches in a phased manner.

The Utkrisht rakes have been given new colour schemes on their interior and exterior. These rakes have LED lighting, odourless toilets, and other improved facilities for passengers. The Utkrisht rakes also have Swachh Rail Toilet (SRT) — a hybrid design of the bio-toilet system.

Indian Railways launched Project Utkrisht in April 2018. Several facilities for the passengers are being improved in the trains under this project.

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