People find, repair grave of first Islamic preacher in Ladakh

Jammu, July 19 (KMS): people of Stiankung village in Barsoo Block helped locate and repair the tomb on the grave of the first Islamic preacher in Ladakh, Akhone Mohammad Sharif.

As per historians, Akhone Mohammad Sharif was buried in Ladakh but the actual location of his grave remained unknown.

Historian and writer, Mohammad Sadiq Hardassi was searching for his grave for the last five years using clues from various texts and books. His search led him to Stiankung village where he met a local villager Master Haji Ghulam who had an extensive knowledge about the area’s history.

As they started asking around the village, they met a 90-year-old Hajia Fatima who gave them the precise location of the grave.

Master Ghulam said that Hajia Fatima was told about the grave of Akhone Sharief by her grandparents.

Once the grave was located, President of Balti Association, Mohammad Ali Ashoor and Sadiq Hardassi explained its importance to the village youth who helped repair and refurbish the tomb of the grave,” explained Master Ghulam.

When asked about the importance of Akhone Sharif in Ladakh’s history, Sadiq Hardassi recounted an incident from the nineteenth century. He said, “When the Dogra army invaded Ladakh and reached this area, they set the holy mosque and the royal palace on fire. The only other structure they torched that day was the house of Akhone Sharif. This speaks volumes of his importance.”

He added that Stiankung holds an important place in Ladakh’s history as it was the first centre of Islamic preaching in Ladakh.

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