‘Indian govt, military orchestrated drone attack drama’

Islamabad, July 19 (KMS): An investigation story titled ‘This is an amazing spy story’ on so-called drone attacks on Indian Air Force base in Jammu has revealed that Indian government and its military orchestrated a story by predicting that a drone from Pakistan would come and attack India.

The investigation story circulating on social media says, “This is fascinated story that includes drones, drama and spinets” which media is playing to ignite a possible war.

The story said that the Indian government and its military orchestrated a drama on the pattern of Hollywood and Bollywood films claiming that a drone flew over Indian embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, and a fake picture was also released. A Pakistani officer was quoted as having informed about the incident, but no evidence was given in this regard.

The investigation further revealed that an organized media campaign was launched but it quoted New York Times to have said that “Under Modi, India’s press is not so free.”

The story drew the conclusion that Indian media wants to fan the flames of war through such campaign.

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