NC blames steps taken unilaterally on 5 Aug 2019 for IIOJK’s appalling situation

Srinagar, July 18 (KMS): Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday said that there can be no redemption in the situation in the territory unless the dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir is restored.

party’s additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said that trusting the local populace with democracy, statehood and basic fundamental rights can go a long way in assuaging the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

While rescinding the status of J&K unilaterally and undemocratically, he said it was claimed that the measures will manifestly increase employment prospects for the local youth but the reality on ground is completely different.

Kamal said the appalling situation J&K is reeling under is the direct consequence of the measures which were taken unilaterally by ruling dispensation on 5th of August 2019.

“It was claimed by the BJP that the abrogation of the Articles will iron out all issues and put the region back on the track of development and prosperity but in reality, the region has been plunged into an abyss of chaos and uncertainty. The local administration has become slack and is not living up to its obligations. The youth have particularly been at the receiving end of all this, the poor educated unemployed lot find itself at cross roads,” he said.

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