Protest rally in Jammu against authorities’ anti-people policies

Jammu, July 15 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Congress took out a strong protest rally in Jammu against the anti-people policies of the authorities.

Led by Congress leaders Mula Ram, Raman Bhalla, Ravinder Sharma and Thakur Hari Singh Chib, the rally started from main bazaar Bishnah, carrying banners and raising slogans against the unprecedented taxes on petrol, diesel and gas leading to record rates and uncontrolled price rise of all commodities of common use.

They raised slogans against the BJP and Indian govt charging them of befooling the people during elections on false slogans and now breaking the backbone of common man. They submitted a memorandum to the president of India through Tehsildar asking him to check on prices.

Speaking on the occasion, Mula Ram, said that BJP is simply looting the people in the name of taxes. He questioned the BJP-led government on what basis does it decide on the prices of petroleum products every day and the explanation for subjecting people of J&K to this cruelty. “BJP Govt is mercilessly looting the public with hiked fuel prices, especially during a raging pandemic,” Mula Ram asked.

On the occasion, Raman Bhalla said, he failed to understand how any government can justify such thoughtless and insensitive measures directly at the cost of our people. The BJP government has increased excise duty on diesel by 820 percent and on petrol by 258 percent over and collected upwards of Rs 21 lakh crore in the last six and a half years, he added.

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