India under Modi spoiling peace in Afghanistan on purpose


Islamabad, July 15 (KMS): Adhered to the RSS ideology of hegemonic designs, India under Narendra Modi is the actual spoiler of peace in the South Asian region.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service, said, India for decades has been impeding a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

The Modi-led Indian govt’s 5 Aug 2019 illegal actions amply prove that New Delhi is least concerned about regional peace, the report said and added that New Delhi has long been using Afghan soil against Pakistan to keep the flames of war burning in South Asia.

Now seeing its influence and huge investment sinking in Afghanistan where Taliban plays a leading role, India has started playing double game in the region; it is, on one hand, hold talks with Taliban and sending arms and ammunition to anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan, on the other.

India’s mischievous activities are responsible for its deteriorating ties with its neighbours and if peace continues to elude South Asia, it is because of India’s subversive activities and its belligerence against its neighbours, the report maintained.

It said, Pakistan has time and again informed the world about India’s destabilizing role in South Asia, and has submitted dossiers containing irrefutable evidence of New Delhi’s involvement in fomenting violence in Pakistan.

It is time for world to check Indian hegemonic designs to guarantee peace in the region and take a notice of Indian role as a spoiler in Afghanistan and rest of the region, the report stressed.