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Another Dalit youth thrashed by Hindus in Uttar Pradesh

Firozabad, July 14 (KMS): In India, in continued shocking incident, another Dalit youth was beaten up by upper caste Hindus in BJP-RSS governed Uttar Pradesh state.

The Dalit youth was brutally injured in the attack by the Hindu upper caste when he tried to stop them from rashly driving a tractor in an inebriated condition in Firozabad district of the state.

A video clip of the incident went viral on social media. His mother lodged a complaint with police.

In her complaint, the victim’s mother, Mamta Devi, said, “I was sitting outside our house along with my son and other family members. An upper caste Hindu, Harnam Singh, came hurtling on a tractor, which he deliberately drove off road, close to the place where we were sitting. We had a narrow escape. My son, Abhay, objected to his rash driving. But angry Harnam abused us. We did not argue with him. He left after threatening my son of dire consequences.”

She further said that the next day, when Abhay was heading to the local market on his bicycle, four Hinduis including Harnam’s sons and a nephew stopped him and beat him up and left him unconscious in the field.

“The men threatened me with dire consequences if we complained against them,” she added. Earlier, a few days ago, another Dalit youth was brutally assaulted by the Hindu goons in the state.

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