Pakistan's Support to Kashmir

PM Imran will make no compromise on Kashmir cause: Farrukh

Islamabad, July 09 (KMS): Rejecting opposition’s undue criticism of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Kashmir Policy, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Farrukh Habib said Kashmiris’ hearts beat with Pakistan and they knew that Imran Khan would never compromise on their cause.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had categorically stated there would be no talk with India until it restores pre-August 5 status of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), he told at a press conference in Islamabad on Friday.

“There were many pressures on us, even our own local businessmen, who import raw material from India, had a demand for resuming bilateral trade but Prime Minister Imran Khan while keeping in view sacrifices and struggle of Kashmiris, took principal decision that we would not have any talk with India until restoration of the pre-August 5 status,” he added.

Farrukh said the Prime Minister had proved himself a true ambassador of Kashmiris by highlighting the Kashmir issue vociferously at every international fora including Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), United Nations General Assembly, in meetings with former US President, Donald Trump and others.

“He left no forum in the world where he did not speak about the cause of Kashmir and its people,” he added.

The Minister of State said Prime Minister Imran Khan exposed the obnoxious face of his Indian counterpart across the globe by sensitizing his atrocities in IIOJK and his despicable act of ripping the Valley of its special status.

He said the Western media, which avoided reporting against India, had started highlighting the human rights violations committed by occupational forces in the IIOJK.

The international magazines wrote articles against Modi, he said, adding that it was the Prime Minister Imran Khan who played a greater role in familiarizing the world with his callous mindset and modus operandi against humanity.

He said Pakistan would continue its moral, diplomatic and political support to the people of Kashmir.

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