India condemned for implicating Pakistan in IAF base attacks in Jammu

Islamabad, July 03 (KMS): Jammu and Kashmir Young Mens League (JKYML) has denounced the ludicrous Indian allegations of drone attacks at its Air Force Station in Jammu carried out by Pakistan based groups.

The JKYML Vice Chairman, Zahid Ashraf in a statement issued in Islamabad termed the allegations as rubbish. He said that it was the handiwork of the wily Indian spy organs aimed at diverting the world’s attention from their organised and systemic genocide of Kashmiri Muslims and defaming the Kashmiris’ genuine freedom movement.

Zahid Ashraf said that India was brazenly engaged in settling huge numbers of Indians in IIOJK to bring about a demographic change in the Muslim majority region and for that type of evil and colonial projects it was resorting to such ridiculous blame game. He maintained that India will not be able to mislead the world, which was well aware of its brutal expansionist and communal face.

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