Modi’s Hindutva regime using rape as state policy to suppress Kashmiris’ freedom struggle: Mushaal

Islamabad, June 23 (KMS): Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the Chairperson of the Peace and Culture Organization, has said that Narendra Modi-led Hindutva Indian government continues to use rape as a state policy in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir to suppress the legitimate and just struggle of Kashmiris.

Mushaal Malick in a statement issued on the International Widows Day on Wednesday said women are the worst victims of Indian forces’ barbarities in IIOJK and barbaric forces’ personnel have crossed all limits of cruelties to silence the voices of freedom fighters.

Mushaal, the wife of illegally detained Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Yasin Malik, said that the recently revealed reports further exposed the dirty face of Hindutva regime as Indian forces’ personnel have sexually assaulted over 11,244 women during the past three decades in the occupied territory.

She said women of IIOJK have been faced with an unending ordeal of terror and trauma due to frequent abductions, sexual violence, illegal detentions and molestations at the hands of Indian forces in the garb of cordon and search operations, as Modi’s Hindutva supremacist government continued to use rape and molestation as a ‘weapon of war’ and ‘collective punishment’ in the occupied valley.

The Hurriyat leader lamented that the horrific acts of violence, mental torture, aggressions and ruthless brutalities against women had turned life into a worse nightmare in the valley. She said that India was targeting women in IIOJK deliberately to humiliate and terrorize the Kashmiris. The Hurriyat leader said that Kunanposhpora mass rape, Shopian double rape and murder, and rape and murder of a minor girl in Kathua depict the brutal face of fascist Indian forces.

Mushaal deplored that India sanctioned rape as a state policy and employing it as a military tactic to punish and humiliate the Kashmiris for resisting its illegal occupation of their homeland. She said that it could be judged from the fact that not a single Indian soldier or policeman involved in such heinous crimes in the occupied territory has been punished so far. World human rights bodies have documented many cases of rape and gang rape by Indian troops in IIOJK but no further action has been taken against the criminal, as it seems that they are interested in collecting data of rape victims.

The PCO Chairperson urged that the world women rights organizations and the world powers must wake up from deep slumber to contain sexual violence being used as war tactics in the valley.

Meanwhile, in connection with the International Widows’ Day, Mushaal Mullick came down hard on the world community and human right organizations for their complete silence and inaction against the unabated Indian state terrorism in IIOJK.  in a video statement released on Wednesday she said that the woman of the Kashmir was being targeted by the occupational forces by design to silent the struggle to the right of self-determination. However, she vowed Indian Hindutva regime should bear in mind that Kashmiri women shaped the destiny of every class, community and nation throughout history and were successful in attaining the goal of freedom from Dogras.

“Now is the time to wake up and recognize these true Kashmiri heroines be it the widows, half widows, rape victims, these Kashmir women of IIOJK must be recognized for their contributions to such freedom struggles as the practical leaders, the home makers and bread winners, of such movements,” she maintained.

Mushaal went on to say that the long-standing conflict of IIOJK has resulted in the enforced disappearance of thousands of married men, which has left their wives with a new fractured identity as a ‘half-widow’ and thousands of married men martyred by Indian bullet which has left an enormous amount of widows, un-borned orphans, half orphans or complete orphan children.

She said that the IIOJK is the world’s most militarised zone, as in 2009, the Guinness Book of World Records declared Kashmir as the “planet’s largest militarised territorial dispute”. The biggest dilemma faced by the half widows is that in the absence of their bread winners, she added.

Mushaal appealed to the United Nations Security Council to survey and compensate women in IIOJK, whose husbands have been killed or maimed by Occupational forces. She demanded that the targeting of women by Indian Occupation should be made a war crime.

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