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Farmers’ protest: death toll at Delhi border crosses 500

New Delhi, June 18 (KMS): With the ongoing farmers’ agitation in and around the Indian Capital in its 204th day, more than 500 farmers linked to the protests have passed away.

The toll at the farmers’ protest stood at 512 on Thursday. This data has been collected from 26 November 2020 to 17 June this year, the South Asian Wire reported.

Most of the deaths happened due to heart attack, illness due to cold weather conditions and accidents.

The majority of them were sitting at Delhi borders while some others died in accidents while going to or coming back from the protest sites. The historic protest also witnessed a huge number of farmer suicides, the data said, adding that farmers of every age group – from 18 years to 85 years – have died.

Ever since the saffron party led government passed three farm laws, farmer unions, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, states have erupted in anger.

Since November 26, tens of thousands of farmers have camped at three different locations around the Indian capital, demanding the government to withdraw the laws protesters say put them at the mercy of private companies and destroy their livelihoods.

The new laws would create monopolies in the grain markets and trap farmers into contract farming arrangements with corporate buyers.

Termed as the largest protest in the history of mankind in terms of the number of participants, farmers are not ready to stop protesting under any circumstances until the laws are cancelled. KMS—13A

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