Farmer suicide rates increased in India


New Delhi, June 18 (KMS): India has some of the highest farmer suicide rates in the world but the trend has increased since Narendra Modi came to power in the country.

The suicide rate among Indian farmers rose by 40 percent after Modi became Prime Minister in 2014.

Political experts and analysts in their interviews in New Delhi said that India had been witnessing dreadful condition of farmers since many years but the Modi’s agricultural reforms had added to the farmers’ woes across India.

They said that in the last 25 years, over three hundred thousand (3 lakh) farmers have committed suicide due to agrarian crisis in India, adding that the country may soon earn the title of ‘farmer suicide capital of the world’.

The political experts and analysts further said, Modi-led fascist Indian government is considered as the most anti-farmer regime in India’s history. They maintained that tens of thousands of Indian farmers have been protesting on Delhi borders since November last year against 3 agricultural laws introduced by the BJP led government.

They pointed out that Indian farmers were angry because they were facing serious problems due to Modi’s policies. As India grapples to control the Covid pandemic, protesting farmers have one message for Modi’s govt: ‘Repeal the laws and let us go home’, they added.

The political experts and analysts said despite dozens having died during the ongoing farmers’ protests, they (the farmers) are determined to continue their protest movement until Modi govt repeals all three farm laws.

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