Woes of Samba villagers substantiate as authorities hoodwink them

Jammu, June 16 (KMS): The plight of the residents of different villages in Samba district of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir speaks volumes of the authorities in the territory hoodwinking the common people in the territory through publicity stunts.

The condition of the helpless inhabitants of Karadki village of Samba district in Jammu who are forced to drink contaminated water is an indication that the much-publicized three-phased ‘back to the village’ programme was nothing but photo-ops and publicity stunts for those at the helm of the affairs only to hoodwink the innocent people of Jammu region.

The ground situation remains the same but those at the helm of the affairs are brazenly trying to project this programme as revolutionary to take governance at the doorstep of the villagers. Some media platforms have circulated a video of Karadkri village where people are seen fetching contaminated water from an almost dry pond. The helpless residents of this village are seen narrating their tales of woes. In the video, villagers regretted that potable water is still a luxury in this belt what to say of other facilities. Villagers maintained that all schemes and programmes launched by the authorities from time to time are confined only on papers but on the ground, nothing has been changed even after August 05, 2019 moves, which were claimed by the Modi government to bring development in the occupied territory.

Karadki is not an isolated village, there are number of villages in Kandi belts of Samba, Kathua, Reasi, Jammu and Rajouri districts where getting potable water is still a distant dream.

It merits mentioning here that the IIOJK authorities claimed that the three-phased ‘back to village’ programme has changed the life of the villagers. But in reality, nothing has been changed. Except photo-ops higher-ups have done nothing.

Recently Congress leader, Ghulam Ahmad Mir, had stated that the ‘back to village’ exercise has disturbed the “entire machinery and people” but it has not shown any results. “Not a single work was carried out in the previous rounds. It is to accommodate the ruling party workers, especially in those panchayats where elections could not be held, which numbers to over 13,000 seats,” Mir had claimed.

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