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Nagrota Ammunition Depot creates problems for villagers in IIOJK

Jammu, June 16 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the residents of several areas in Jammu have said that they were dispossessed of their property rights due to the establishment of ammunition depot by Indian Army in Nagrota area of Jammu.

The residents of villages Kanyala, Kahpota, Jindrah, Nagola, Ponthel and adjoining areas in tehsil Dansal of Jammu district have pleaded to the local authorities to either grant permission to them to enjoy full access to their properties or else make some alternative arrangement for them.

“We are being dispossessed of our property rights due to Army setting up an ammunition depot at Nagrota,” the residents said. “The authorities had banned constructions in our area long ago. Now, the Army is not even allowing us to renovate our kachha houses,” they added.

Reports said that army had banned all sorts of construction, renovation or modification works on the privately owned property and land encircling one kilometer area of the Ammunition Depot.

“Instead of lifting the ban on private construction, the rules are being made more stringent,” the residents said. They maintained that the ban on construction or renovation/ repair works is affecting over half a dozen habitations falling in the area mostly inhabited by small farmers.

“The poor villagers are neither being paid any adequate compensation for their lands nor are they being rehabilitated now,” the locals said.

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