Priyanka slams Modi govt for using COVID-19 data as ‘propaganda tool’ instead of stopping it

New Delhi, June 09 (KMS): Indian National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has slammed the Modi government for not maintaining transparency on Covid-related data and asked why it used the same as a “propaganda tool” instead of stopping the spread of coronavirus.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Congress leader in a video attacked the government over the data related to Covid put out by it. She is running “Zimmedaar Kaun” (who is responsible) campaign in which she has been questioning the Modi government over its handling of the pandemic.

Priyanka Gandhi asked why there is such a massive deficit between official death data of Covid and unofficial data gathered from crematoriums, graveyards and other sources. “Why has the government used data primarily as a “propaganda tool” rather than using it to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Priyanka Gandhi asked in the video posted on Twitter and Facebook.

She maintained that experts around the world have said that making data public and transparent is the only way “we can win the battle against Covid”. Why has our government not done so, she asked.

On Monday, the Congress leader had accused the Modi regime of suppressing data related to the Covid pandemic, and said the Modi government’s emphasis on propaganda over saving lives had caused “immense damage”.

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