Modi pursuing colonial designs in IIOJK on fast track: Hurriyat leaders

Srinagar, June 09 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Hurriyat leaders and organizations have said that India is translating its colonial designs into reality on a fast track to change the demographic composition of the territory.

Jammu and Kashmir Tehreek-e-Mazahmat Chairman, Bilal Ahmad Siddiqui, reacting to recent developments in Jammu and Kashmir in a statement issued in Srinagar said the Muslim majority status of the territory is in grave danger as thousands of extra Indian troops have been brought to the territory to implement the Modi government’s Hindutva agenda at gunpoint. He said post 5th August 2019 focus has been completely shifted to Muslim majority areas of Pir Panchaal, Kashmir valley and Kargil in Ladakh to alter and change the Muslim majority character of these areas.

“Delhi has unleashed a slew of colonial amendments, rules and laws to fulfill its dirty designs and now again it is pacing up this process of huge demographic changes in Jammu Kashmir,” he added.

Bilal Siddiqui added that since 5 August 2019 tens of thousands of non locals have been imported to Jammu and Kashmir in the garb of so-called lockdown. This grim situation is indicative of a possible genocide of Muslim population in the Kashmir valley, Pir Panchal in Jammu region and Kargil in Ladah, he warned. He appealed to the UN, and major world powers to step in to stop New Delhi from her evil designs.

The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Political Movement, Khawaja Firdous, in a statement said that Kashmiris would not be intimidated by the brutal tactics of Modi’s fascist government and would continue their struggle for the right to self-determination till complete success. He said that India was sending additional troops in the occupied territory to carry out its nefarious plans against the Kashmiris. He vowed that people of Jammu and Kashmir have neither recognized the unilateral and illegal Indian measures taken on August 5, 2019, nor would they accept any such future move.

He expressed concern over the plight of Hurriyat leaders and activists illegally detained in jails and called on the world community to put pressure on India to release them.

The Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) has said that if Kashmir dispute is not resolved as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people, it will continue to pose threat to the regional peace and stability as the two nuclear powers are among the three basic parties of the dispute. It deplored that India is using its all might to suppress the legitimate voices of oppressed Kashmiri people. A DFP spokesman said it is high time for the world community to act on Kashmir and take tangible actions to prevent India from committing war crimes in IIOJK.

He said that New Delhi is playing deceptive games with the world about Kashmir. When at international level it is asked to resolve Kashmir dispute, India says ‘Kashmir is a bilateral issue between New Delhi and Islamabad’ and when it is asked to resolve it with Pakistan, India terms Kashmir as its ‘internal issue’. On the other hand New Delhi is continuously killing, jailing, intimidating and harassing Kashmiri people for raising their voice and this is how India is managing the long pending dispute on the UN agenda, he added.

A spokesman for Jammu and Kashmir Employees Movement in a statement said that Modi’s fascist government was using every brutal tactic to suppress the Kashmiris’ freedom movement but it would never succeed in its nefarious designs ۔ He urged the United Nations and international human rights organizations to take note of India’s inhumane behaviour and press it for the release of the detained leaders and for a solution to the Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN resolutions.

Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement, Pir Panjal Freedom Movement and the Peoples Association have expressed concern over the arrival of extra Indian troops in occupied Kashmir. The leaders of the above parties including Abdul Majeed Malik, Qazi Imran and Khalid Shabbir in a joint statement issued in Islamabad said by sending more troops India is going to step up its state terrorism in the territory. They asked the United Nations and the international community to take immediate notice of the heavy military buildup in IIOJK.

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