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Sikh body seeks restoration of pre-August 5 2019 position of IIOJK

Jammu, June 04 (KMS): Sikh Intellectual Circle (J&K) chapter Chairman Narendra Singh Khalsa has said that the people of India were misled by Baharatya Janata Party (BJP) that claimed revocation of Article 370 will lead to massive development but nothing of that sort has happened in the occupied territory so far.

“BJP has failed in J&K. They need to undo the wrongs they have done by snatching our fundamental rights,” he said in an interview here.

He said, “People of Jammu should understand what is happening here. People are being classified and divided. The time has come for us to get united and raise our voice to seek restoration of pre August 5, 2019 position.”

Referring to the draconian land laws that prevents members of Sikhs, Khatris and Mahajans from purchasing or selling the agricultural land in J&K, Khalsa said that new laws are being made without even asking the relevant communities. “The new land laws are violation of fundamental rights. Indian constitution clearly states that there will be no discrimination on the basis of caste, colour and religion but depriving selected communities from buying or purchasing the agricultural land is a violation of the constitution, he added.

“After the abrogation of Article 370, the government has failed to provide us with democratic and fundamental rights. It seems that it’s a bureaucratic conspiracy to weaken us. The experiments being carried out against our fundamental rights, like right to equality seem to be a part of bigger plan. They are carrying forward the agenda of hatred,” he said. “We will create awareness about our rights being snatched as many people don’t know what’s happening.”

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