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Will die of hunger rather than corona, say Jammu residents

Jammu, June 01 (KMS): In Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), residents of different localities of Jammu are up in arms against the authorities for failing to provide them with any assistance during COVID-19 lockdown.

Residents Maratha Mohalla in Jammu while talking to media said, “We will die of hunger and starvation and not of corona. No one from the administration has come forward to help us. We have no ration, in our homes. We have been left with nothing. The administration should provide us with ration for at least 15 days as our survival has become difficult.”

They said, “Factories are closed, we are unable to collect scrap and we have been left with no work. Our women have to beg to sustain. If we go for begging people taunt us that why are we seeking alms despite being fit and fine. We are not getting work as the people don’t allow us to come near them.”

“Mayor madam had come, she distributed the masks. We told her to distribute ration but she didn’t respond. Before dying of corona we will die of hunger.”

They said that during the previous lockdown the administration had provided them with ration and other things but this time around no one has come forward to help them.

On the other hand priests in many temples across Jammu too are struggling as people are not visiting the religious places. “We used to sustain on dakshana (charity) which people used to give for performing Puja (prayers). In lockdown devotees are not visiting the temples. No one from the administration has come to help us,” said a priest.

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