Modi regime relabeled Saudi donated oxygen containers to hide Muslim link

New Delhi, May 05 (KMS): No one has expected that Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian regime could stoop so low to relabel the oxygen containers donated by Saudi Arabia with a trademark of a local company to hide the fact from its masses that a Muslim country has helped New Delhi to meet its oxygen needs amid coronavirus ravages.

According to Kashmir Media Service, oxygen containers bearing Saudi flag with brightly written kalmia, the first Muslim article, were covered with panaflex by BJP government workers to mislead their people. In this regard, videos are making rounds on social media.

Even some Indian video bloggers criticized Modi saying that instead of being grateful to Saudi Arabia for donating hundreds of oxygen containers for the much needed Indians amid ravages of COVID-19 pandemic, he showed his utter meanness by relabeling these oxygen containers with Reliance trademark, a local company run by Mukesh Ambani, the right hand of Modi.

Saudi Arabia shipped over 100 metric tons of oxygen to India to alleviate acute shortages of the lifesaving gas due to the record surge in coronavirus infections in India.

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