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IIOJK in focus

Breaking news: Pakistan expresses concern over unprovoked ceasefire violation by India

Islamabad, May 04 (KMS): Pakistan has expressed serious concern over the deliberate crossing of Working Boundary by Indian BSF troops and their initiation of unprovoked ceasefire violation in Pakistan’s Charwa Sector opposite IIOJK Jammu Sector on 3 May at 0556 Hours.

In a communiqué to the High Commission of the Republic of India in Islamabad, the Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the troops from Indian BSF post in Square-9530 located in IIOJK Jammu Sector opposite to Pakistani Charwa Sector fired approximately 30×rounds of the small arms and 4× bombs of 60 millimeter mortar at Pakistani post in Square-9630 without any provocation.

The communiqué said that the incident happened when 15×BSF troops with 3×tractors crossed Working Boundary and started ploughing on Pakistani side. It said when Pakistan Rangers Punjab troops tried to persuade BSF troops to return through loud hailers and whistles, Indian BSF troops responded by firing small arms and mortars at Pakistani post without any provocation. The same BSF post, it added, took a sniper shot at Pakistani post with the aim to score causality. The MoF lamented that to their further surprise, there was news circulating on Indian media, accusing Pakistan of violating the ceasefire Understanding.

The Foreign Office maintained that the Indian BSF troops displayed aggressive behavior by crossing the Working Boundary and blatantly using mortars with an intent to sabotage the peace along LOC and Working Boundary.

The MoF emphasized that this is the first serious and grave violation of DGMOs Understanding 2021, by the Indian side.

The MoF has impressed upon the Indian High Commission to approach relevant authorities in India to take note of Indian BSF’s casual attitude towards implementation of DGMOs Understanding 2021.

The political commentators in Islamabad when approached said that in order to divert attention from the miserable failures by Modi government in dealing with the Covid disaster in the country, it may opt for any adventure like a false flag operation against Pakistan. The instant ceasefire violation, they maintained, is an indicator of such Indian design.

It is also pertinent, the commentators said that India has been propagating throughout the day, today, a fake news of Pakistan’s ceasefire violation in Ramgarh sector of Samba district. They said that it also manifested the frustration of the Indian government for its incompetence in tackling the Corona crisis. (KMS)

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