No oxygen in Bihar hospital, patients being asked to get drugs

Buxar-Bihar, May 03 (KMS): Bihar’s Buxar district is also facing crisis and the old Sadar Hospital, which houses a Covid-19 care centre, has been forced to turn away patients due to a shortage of medical oxygen.

Vinod, a resident of Kasrai village in Buxar, said he brought his father to the centre for hospitalisation after his oxygen level dropped to 51. However, he was turned away as it had no oxygen supply left. “Doctors are saying no oxygen bed available, take him somewhere else,” Vinod said.

When contacted by the media, the person on the helpline said, “We already have another patient waiting. We are going to discharge a patient and then we will admit him. We have no oxygen and only two beds are empty. If we don’t have any oxygen, then how do we admit new patients.”

Vinod is not alone. There are several Covid-19 patients who have been turned away by the hospital authorities due to lack of oxygen supply. Sonu was seen sitting under a tree with his brother, who is in a critical condition after his oxygen level dropped to 64.

“My brother’s oxygen level has dropped. I first went to new Sadar hospital and they sent me to Covid-19 care centre. Now they are saying the hospital is full and there is no bed,” Sonu said.

Besides the oxygen crisis, the negligence of the administration in following Covid-19 protocols was also visible. Relatives and family members were seen sitting with Covid-19 patients inside the ward without wearing PPE kits. The hospital does not even have basic medicines and relatives are being asked to procure them from outside.

“My mother is admitted here and I am being told to get medicines as well as the tape required for injection from outside,” said Rinku. Rinku said there were no arrangements for Covid-19 patients inside the ward and family members had to take care of them.

When asked about the issue, medical officer of the hospital Dr Divya Sagar said, “We provide Vitamin C and a kit to the patient but we do not have multi-vitamins or cough syrup and we tell the relatives to get them.”

The oxygen meter shows zero at the old Sadar Hospital. However, some support is given to those in dire need. Mohan Prasad, who works in the local collectorate, said his father, a Congress leader, died due to alleged negligence by the hospital authorities.

“My father, Shivji Paswan, tested Covid-19 positive and they put him on oxygen. After giving him two cylinders of oxygen, the authorities asked to take him to the isolation centre for further supply. I kept telling them to put him on third cylinder but staff said we should go and bring the cylinder. They killed my father,” Prasad said.

Speaking to India Today TV on the matter, a doctor said, “We had oxygen supply and we did try to provide him but the number of patients are increasing and we have to maintain a balance with the amount of oxygen available to us.”

Another Covid-19 care centre, which is 20 km from Buxar town in Dumra area, is no better off. Here, India Today found that ambulances were being sent to refill oxygen cylinders.

The manager of this centre, Chandrashekhar, claimed they had oxygen supply for 200 people. However, a Covid-19 patient’s husband said no oxygen was available, debunking the manager’s claims.

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