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Modi answerable to Indian people for naked dance of death: Harsh Dev

Jammu, May 02 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, National Panthers Party (NPP) Chairman, Harsh Dev Singh has squarely held the Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government responsible for the catastrophe that the people of India are confronted with today.

Harsh Dev Singh, holding a sit-in in Jammu against failure of the Modi government in preventing the naked dance of death in the country due to uncontrolled pandemic, said that the ruling party was persistently indulging in self adulation, self praise and self celebration rather than taking appropriate measures during the past 15 months to protect the citizens from deadly coronavirus.

He said, with nearly four lakh new infections around 5,000 deaths being recorded everyday in the country, the situation has literally and figuratively gone out of control. “Does it not indicate the failure of those indulging in incessant chest thumping and giving slogans of New India. Do our rulers not owe an explanation to the people of the county who catapulted them to power under the belief that they would usher an era of ‘Achhe Din’ and good governance as assured by them”, questioned Singh

He said while other countries worked overnight for strengthening their respective health institutions and related infrastructure, setting up oxygen plants, new hospitals and augmentation of existing health facilities, Modi was indulging in “Taali bajao, Thali bajao” campaigns.

Harsh Dev said that Modi started offering and exporting millions of doses of vaccines and other pandemic related drugs and medical equipment to other countries in January, 2021 declaring that it produced more than sufficient for its population to be protected but three months later, the Modi’s mantra proved to be a nightmare for his own people.

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