Srinagar, November 17 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, even though the mobile internet services in Kashmir have been barred for over four months now, many people who had access to the virtual world, had tried to get answers to psychological ailments, reveals data collated by search engine Google.

Due to curfews and strict restrictions during past four months, people mostly have been staying indoors which the experts cite as the prime reason behind the increase in psychological ailments in the Valley.

Words like ‘depression’, ‘heart related diseases’ have been most searched on Google Trends in the last few months with maximum number of searches being done from Jammu and Kashmir.

The results shows that as many as 2771 internet users have been searching about remedies to cure heart-related ailments during last three months.
During the last 15 days of August, 748 users have sought online help to cure heart related disturbances.

During September, the Google Trends show that as many as 1281 users have searched for cure to heart related diseases.

In October, 1895 internet users typed the word “Heart problem” in the Google search engine from Jammu and Kashmir.

Similarly, the word depression has been also trending during the last three months on Google Trends which has been searched by 2624 users in the territory.

From August 15, 463 users have searched for the ways to curb depression till the end of the month.

During September, 868 people have been seeking online assistance to cure depression. As many as 1293 users have typed word “depression” on Google Trends during the month of October in Jammu and Kashmir.
The word “Anxiety” has also seen maximum number of searches from the Valley-based internet users during the last three months of uprising.

The results suggest that as many as 2382 internet users have been searched for the treatment to anxiety.

The word “insomnia [sleeplessness]” has been equally dominating on internet during last three month as more than thousand users have searched it on Google search engine.

In September, the word has witnessed maximum searches with 1052 users having typed in Google

It is worth to mention that Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) has been warning that psychological disturbances resulting due to the killings and curbs by forces can lead to huge mental crisis within the vale.

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